Zimafrica Safaris is a family owned and run hunting safari operation.
We arrange personalised safari adventures. The whole family can participate in the excitement.
We represent ourselves at all the major safari shows as well as agents marketing for us worldwide.
We have been safari operators since 1982.
Early Non-export Elephant
Jan-April 2015

upgradable to trophy


Danny & Glenda Bequette

Rebecca, we would like to thank you for making our safari in Zimbabwe an incredible adventure.

Rick and Karen Stone

We had a wonderful safari with Zimafrica with Heath as our guide.

William and Judy

We had an amazing experience in Zimbabwe with Zimafrica.

Junie Copley

I can't count the times I have been back to hunt with Zimafrica! I enjoy it each time I go.

Gordon Marsh

I have hunted in Europe, Alaska, Argentina, New Zealand. I would have to say that the best hunt I have ever had is this one with Zimafrica Safaris.

Stan Sandefur

I have hunted with Wayne for 30 years and have kept coming back for more.

Scott Lennard

Thanks to Zimafrica I finally achieved my dream of succeeding at a leopard!

Toby and Charles Spanel

My father of 82 had always wanted a leopard, Wayne took such care with him and his dream came true.

Rob Mcdowell and family

I went on safari with my whole family and felt safe the entire time. The accommodation and staff were first class and went out of their way to make us all happy.

Brian and Joni Bock

My wife and I had a truly exceptional African hunting and sight seeing experience.

Bruce Brown

I have enjoyed and succeeded in 3 separate safaris with Zimafrica Safaris. Taking a magnificent lion, massive jumbo, 2 huge leopards, 2 great trophy cape buffalos, and endless plainsgame!

Preston Mease

My friend and I both hunted with Zimafrica for elephants and each got them! We had a wonderful hunt and this company is really good at what they do.

Cliff Neuse

I can't imagine there being a more talented and prepared hunter than Wayne! I had an excellent hunt and experience with Zimafrica

Brett Phelps

It all started when my wife suggested that I fulfil my dream of hunting in Africa for my upcoming 40th.

Eddy Fabre

My son and I had an awesome hunt with Zimafrica, we hunted over 14 incredible trophies our highlight being the cape buffalo and massive sable!

Debbie and John Timko

My 60th birthday gift was my leopard hunt! My husband and I had a fantastic time and I got my wish an absolutely amazing leopard which I hunted traditionally out of a blind.